ICT: A Gateway for Nepalese Agriculture Development

AGRI-WORLD / कृषि संसार

Feeding the ever increasing population is not an easy task as we commonly think. Population growth, urbanization, loss of fertile lands, desertification, climate change etc are continuously forcing towards poor agricultural production and food insecurity. Agriculture is an important sector of Nepal with the majority of the rural population depending on it. Its importance in Nepal can be noted from 35 percent of its contribution in GDP and 65 percent of population dependent upon it. The sector faces major challenges of enhancing production in a situation of dwindling natural resources necessary for production. The growing demand for agricultural products, however, also offers opportunities for producers to sustain and improve their livelihoods. The agricultural sector is confronted with the major challenge of increasing production to feed a growing and increasingly prosperous population in a situation of decreasing availability of natural resources. New approaches and technical innovations are required to cope with…

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Thermal pollution and radiation pollution

Thermal pollution is a discharge of waste heat via energy dissipation into cooling water and subsequently into nearby waterways. The major source of thermal pollution are fossil-fuel and nuclear electric-power generating facilities and, to a lesser degree, cooling operations associated with industrial manufacturing, such as steel foundries, other primary-metal manufacturers, and chemicals and petrochemical producers. Continue reading

बाली उपचार क्लिनिक

बाली उपचार क्लिनिक यस्तो थलो हो जहाँ कृषकहरुले विविन्न रोग तथा किराका कारण उत्पन्न समस्या तथा खाध्यतत्व कमि वा अन्य कारणले समस्याग्रसत वा बिरामी परेका बाली नालीका नमुना लगेर बाली उपचार डाक्टरहरुबाट समस्या पहिचान गराई उपयुक्त समाधानका उपायहरु प्राप्त गर्द्छन् | बाली उपचार क्लिनिकमा कृषकहरु आफ्नो समस्याको बारेमा बिसिस्ठ तालिम प्राप्त बाली उपचार डाक्टरसंग पर्तश अन्तरक्रिया गर्ने पाउदछन् जसबाट कृषकले आफ्नो समस्याका कारण र तिनको उचित रोकथाम तथा उपचारका विधिहरु हासिल गर्दछन् |